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How to bet
How to find the right market that suits your predictions?
‘1X2’ is our most common market. We simply replace "Home Team" with "1", "Empate" with "X" and Away Team with "2". If you fancy/like one team, the other, or you think that they are so evenly matched that a draw is likely, this is your market.

Other markets directly associated with the strength of the teams are Double Chance, Half Time/Full Time and Correct Score.
The most common way of betting on goals is in the Over/Under markets. In these markets we set a ‘line’ of the number of goals, and it’s possible to bet for more or less than that amount, for example the market ‘Over/Under 2.5 goals’ is very common. Betting Under 2.5 means that you win if there are 2 or fewer goals, and betting Over 2.5 means that you win if there are 3 or more.
How do I place a Combo bet?
A combo bet is when you take more than one selection and combine them together to make one bet. The odds of each selection are multiplied together to give you the final odds, and, in a normal Combo such as a Double, Treble or 4-Fold, all your selections have to win for you to win. Using this method you can bet on whoever you want, no matter how short the odds, and still recieve big winnings!
Introduction to Odds
Odds may take a bit of time to fully understand. The odds are the things that decide your winnings, once multiplied by your stake.

A good way to start is with the knowledge that if there was a coin-flip, the odds of one side of the coin would be 2, and the odds on the other side of the coin would also be 2. If you were to bet 100 on side A of the coin, you would win 100 if it landed on that side. So, now you know that the odds of 2 mean that something will happen 50% of the time, you can start to apply that to your bets. If you think that your team will win the match that they are playing more than 50% of the time, and their odds are 2 or higher, then in your mind the odds that are being offered are generous, and it could be a good time for a big bet.
Freebets are a type of promotion that we offer here. When we give you a Freebet, we give you the money to place a bet, so that you don't have to risk your own money. If the Freebet wins, the winnings from the bet are yours to keep, but the amount returned is different to a normal bet, because usually you get your stake returned with your winnings, and when betting with a Freebet you only get to keep the winnings.
What is Rollover?

A Rollover is a Wagering Requirement- it is the amount that remains to be staked before bonus or freebet-money becomes available to Withdraw. Usually we have a 5x Rollover, on our general promotions, so deposit plus bonus x5. If there is a 100% deposit bonus promotion, and you deposit R$100, you will recieve R$100 in bonus, and have a rollover of 100+100=200*5=1000. Check the promotion's rules, but usually there is a Odds-limit in place of 1,5, which means that only bets with odds over 1.5 will be included towards your Rollover.

ITF Men Trnava (SVK), Doubles12/1/2022 8:00:00 AM
vs Hermans M / Veldheer M
1 2
1.66 2.10
Federation Cup12/1/2022 8:00:00 AM
Al Salmiyah
vs Al Yarmouk Mishref
1 X 2
2.06 3.54 2.75

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